EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation. Technically, EMS is a full body workout with body current. Our muscles contract through electric impulses in normal state. EMS Training makes use of this effect, the natural effect is additionally intensified and an effective training can be achieved. EMS Training is also known in competitive sport, rehabilitation and medicine as well as in wellness and beauty centers. Elite athletes use Electric Muscle Stimulation in addition to their training in order to improve strength and speed.

EMS Training is an effective way to improve your fitness level, body image and wellbeing in far less time. Only 1 to 2 sessions a week are enough to see results. It is also used for rehabilitation after injury, for joint-sparing muscle formation and for targeted back exercises.

Yes. You should workout in long term and on a regularly basis as this is the only way the strength of the muscles can be maintained as it is with conventional strength training too.

EMS full body workout activates over 90% of the muscles fibers at the same time and also deeper muscles are trained. Therefore, the training effect with EMS Training can be 18 times higher than with conventional training.

The EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) sessions at Exerceo Training last twenty-five minutes including suiting up and a short relaxation part after the workout. If it is your first time, we will include a brief introduction of EMS and our equipment.

There is no need to bring anything! All our sessions include a special undersuit you need to wear, a towel for your shower after the workout and free water during the session. You can train barefoot or wearing socks.

We recommend that our clients train once or twice a week. After each training session it usually takes around 36-48 hours for the body to recover and consequently, doing more than two sessions is not recommended.

Our clients usually report visible results within four sessions. It can take a little longer, or shorter, depending on your body weight and level of fitness when you come for your first session.

The minimum age for using the machinery is 16, and there is no upper age limit. Our instructors can tailor sessions according to your goals and fitness levels by controlling each muscle group and adjusting the intensity of the workout session.

No, there is no danger of the electric current damaging the nervous system. The use of low frequency impulse is widely used in training and rehabilitation therapy, and EMS uses the natural principle of sending electrical impulses direct to the muscles.

Most people can use EMS training but if you have a certain health condition that prevents you from participating in conventional sport then you must get approval from your doctor. Unfortunately we are not able to accept clients with the following:

– Pregnant
– Heart Pacemaker
– Severe circulatory disorder & arterial circulatory disorder
– Epilepsy
– Diabetes mellitus

There are numerous studies that clearly indicate that EMS quickly and effectively trains the deep pelvic floor muscles. It is an elegant countermeasure to a tendency towards incontinence. The positive effects naturally apply to all of the connective tissue and skin structures that are stretched and overstretched during a pregnancy. IMPORTANT: Consult your gynaecologist and do not begin training until four to six weeks after delivery. Training starts at a very low intensity, which also serves as lymph drainage. Depending on how the body reacts, the intensity is increased gradually over the course of multiple sessions.

We use XBody EMS equipment. XBody designs and manufactures the most innovative and adcanced EMS device in the fitness and wellness industry. With our partner XBody we can guarantee a high quality EMS training..

With Exerceo Training you only need to work out once per week to achieve comparable results to several hours in the gym. This means you can literally save yourself hours per week! The results will come even quicker if you workout twice per week.

No, EMS technology is based on low frequency impulses that do not harm the body. The equipment stimulates electrical impulses and sends them to the muscles in the same way as the central nervous system. There are no known side effects of EMS training.

Prior to the workout, we will give you a cotton suit, which must be worn with the electrode suit. These are clean and washed for each client. The electrodes on the main body suit work through the cotton and do not make direct contact with the skin. They are cleaned and replaced regularly, and covered with special anti-bacterial fabric for hygienic use. Our EMS equipment from XBody is totally safe and certified.

No. EMS training is no more strenuous than a conventional workout. The equipment uses low impulse frequency, the experience of receiving the impulses may take a little getting used to, but it is not painful in any way.