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Improve Your Wellbeing EMS training is used for rehabilitation after injury, increased fitness, and improved ability in particular sports, however its benefits can be physiological [...]

EMS to Look Good

EMS to Look Good The benefits of an EMS workout on your fitness levels and sports performance are well documented. Anyone can use this technologically [...]

Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies Research from Bayreuth University in Germany reported the following results after a six week training program with EMS. Other studies are also reported below. 88% [...]

EMS with Brittle Bones

EMS with Brittle Bones A workout can be tough on those with sore joints, brittle bones, and osteoporosis. For those that still want to keep [...]

EMS for Physiotherapy

EMS for Physiotherapy EMS therapy is commonly used by people wanting to improve their fitness and body image in an effective, safe, and speedy way. [...]

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