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Not all EMS training is alike, learn what sets us apart.

For those who can’t find time to work out.

Founded by three hard working professionals who could never find time to work out, Exerceo was created to offer a time efficient and high intense workout, no matter how busy your lifestyle is. With continued research into new applications for this technology, Exerceo is looking to pave the way in the EMS revolution in London and beyond. Since opening the first EMS studio in London in 2015, we have been offering the opportunity to stay fit in just a fraction of the time that traditional workouts take.

We push boundaries and challenge convention to offer our clients the very best, which is why we offer pioneering technology led by highly qualified and experienced trainers. Our holistic approach to fitness is more than just a workout, it’s a lifestyle. We wanted to create something that is sustainable long term and will fit into your busy schedule and give you more time to spend doing what matters most to you.

“We are very proud to offer this innovative workout in the heart of London and give our clients the opportunity to integrate exercise in and around their busy lives.”

Lewis Thompson, CEO

Lewis joined Exerceo Training in 2019 as CEO after a 15-year career in the industry. After trying EMS and seeing the benefits and the success it has bought to users across the globe, he fell in love with the product. Lewis has a key interest in how EMS can not just benefit users reach fitness goals but how it can be used for rehabilitation or to provide a fitness solution to those that may be unable to take part in regular exercise due to the stress it might put on the joints.


“Short but super intense workout, all muscles were aching the next day, incredible 2 person class with a motivating trainer, totally worth it!”


“Unusual training alongside innovative technology. Challenging sessions and I already lost some kilos”

Our Trainers

With an XBody EMS Master Trainer, sports scientists, and industry veterans amongst our ranks, you’re in the best of hands.

Do you want something new, fast and efficient? Are you looking for a coach to motivate you? Here I am, the coach who sets your goal no matter what it is, quickly and efficiently. Start a program with me that will change your physical appearance and overall wellbeing. I look forward to working together!
DEAN GARDIKIOTISSports scientist/ EMS Trainer
With my background in sports science and nutrition, I will help analyse all aspects of your lifestyle to create a program that is specific to you and will help you achieve whatever goal you’re working towards.
I love keeping a dynamic style, combining exercises coming from different sports into your session, i can help you achieve your goal working out as you would do with a personal trainer, but with all the benefits of enhancing every exercise with the ems suit. Start now your body transformation.
Ready to make a big change? Only one step has to be done for your dream body. I’m here to help you realise your fitness goals and create a fitter and healthier lifestyle with EMS training.
Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get fit or put on some muscle, I am here to help you achieve your fitness goals. My focus is on functional training and designing programs that challenge your body to work as a whole. I will take your fitness to the next level.

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